Bajuni Beaded Leather Dog Collar With Bone Charm - Sizes For Various Dog Breeds

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Hand beaded leather dog collar, handmade by local artisans in Kenya, promoting trade not aid.

Handmade in rural Kenya, each bead on these handcrafted dog collars are sewn on to robust cow hide, making them strong and long lasting. The dog collars are then lined with soft goat skin and finished with solid brass fastenings, hand case from recycled brass.

The Dog Collars come in regular and skinny widths, as well as two lurcher styles that are padded on the inside and fastened with either a buckle or a loop. All collars should be used under supervision.

We recommend to provide the best comfort and security for your dog, ensure two fingers fit between the collar and your dog's neck.

Please see chart in images for the measurements of all the different sizes to the relevant dog breeds.

The beading organisation has trained over 70 local artisans in the art of bead and leather work. The benefits of sustainable employment of so many people are far reaching within the local community.

Women in particular have benefitted as there is virtually no employment for them in the area. Poverty means very few women ever go to school, yet many have to raise a large family alone.

Women have been encouraged to attend training sessions and take on what is traditionally a male’s craft.

It is the policy of this organisation that each worker has their own bank account, many for the first time, and that they are taught how to manage their own money. The relief on the face of a worker when they first realise they have enough money to feed their children properly is so evident; not only does it help to empower the individual, but their community too.