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Bespoke cuff links handmade from recycled bike chains a unique gift idea for a cyclist.

Katie's Bike cufflinks are created from used bike chains, collected, cleaned, polished and re-purposed by the dedicated team at Katie's Bike HQ. Upcycled and handmade, they make a wonderful bespoke gift for that special cyclist someone and are a great conversation starter!

We can do special commissions for cycling clubs or Weddings actually giving a discount to multi buyers

Katie's Bike crew collect their chains from independent bike shops all over Britain. Each chain link is attached to a silver plated cuff link using Sugru, a coloured silicon adhesive.

The attachment is very strong, and totally one of a kind. Other bike chain cufflinks are made using epoxy which is nasty to work with and bad for the environment. The Sugru used here is easier to work with and manufactured locally. Plus we can play around with colour and even match it to suit a certain look i.e Wedding ties or Cycling Cub uniform/kits.

This product comes with a lifetime warranty. Katie's Bike are committed to creating a great product that lasts. As such, should the bond break or cufflink 'fail' (a rare occurance), send the bits back and they'll reassemble them for you at no charge! They offer this for free because it hardly ever happens, and when it does they want to know so they can continue improving their products.

The commitment to quality, customers and the environment shines through in these bad boys. Snatch up a pair of these and we're sure you won't be disappointed.