Bird Squit Colour Changing Umbrella

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This umbrella features a bird squit image that bursts into colour when it get wet.

Supposedly it’s good luck when a pigeon poops on you – well our Bird Squit umbrella not only brings luck but even changes colour! The umbrella itself is black and white and features bird poo silhouettes like you've never seen them. The design bursts into an array of colours as soon as the rain hits the panels! The ideal gift for family, friends and colleagues, this foldable umbrella is an extremely practical and original gift for any occasion, but will also make particularly inspired stocking fillers! Whether you’re a lover of design or you know someone a tad superstitious and like's nothing more than a little bit of luck thrown their way, this umbrella is the perfect gift!

Foldable umbrella
Length: 28cm Width:5.8cm Weight: 300gramm

Metal Handle: Soft rubber handle and loop Windproof mechanism

Conveniently sized umbrella to pop into your bag in colourful anticipation for a typical rainy downpour, believe me you’ll have your fingers crossed those grey clouds hang around a little longer!

I love to take practical everyday items and make them explode with colour! Every part of my umbrellas and rain jackets have been designed with originality and a whole lot of love. I hope that you find the perfect gift for that special person in your life who is never afraid to stand out and be counted!