Blue Frosted Fairy, Chunky Cosmetic Glitter - Hair, Body, Nails & Face Glitter Pot

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This is cosmetic Chunky Glitter which is safe to use on your face, body, nails and hair! This cosmetic glitter pot includes chunky iridescent and light blue random cut glitter.

This gorgeous frosty glitter mix allows you create perfect winter ice queen or glittery blue fairy looks.

How to apply:

We recommend using a safe multi-purpose balm as your base to apply our face and body Glitter. Apply a small amount of balm onto your skin or hair then with fingertips or cotton buds place the glitter over the balm.

The glittery looks are endless…
Glitter your cheeks at festivals
Glitter your sunkissed chest and shoulders in Ibiza
Glitter your lips for a big night out
Glitter your nails dipping into the pot with wet clear polish on or take your pots along to your local salon for a pro to help you
Glitter your parting to hide roots or to basically look amazing

To remove use makeup remover or a cotton pad soaked in water or baby oil.

Styling suggestion:

Go ahead and mix glitter to create an even more mythical/intergalactic vibe try mixing with Iridescent Mermaid, Purple Unicorn or Silver Selene Chunky Glitter

For a complimenting headpiece mermaid look team with the Blue Lorelei Jewelled Headpiece

To bring out your eyes add the Gold Sphinx, Eye Jewels apply with eyeliner and eyeshadow for a sexy cat eye effect to really turn heads.