We have taken the very difficult decision to close ethical.market.

We want to reassure you that all outstanding orders will be processed, we will personally be looking after all customer service, and our email address will stay active for the foreseeable future. If you do have any queries at all please do get in touch enquiries@ethical.market

We want to thank every single one of our 300+ sellers, and every single one of you, whether you interacted through social media or made some changes in your purchasing habits, you pushed us to do better and gave us the motivation to work harder. As a small independent business we certainly couldn’t have come this far without any of you.

It’s no secret that these are challenging times for small online businesses like ours. Sadly, with the current economic pressures and having to close sales completely to our second biggest customer base in the EU, we have been finding it harder and harder to operate with such tight margins. In addition to this, the bittersweet reality is that many high street retailers are making a real push into sustainability and ethical manufacturing, meaning competition has greatly increased since we launched. Although we do see this as a massive positive, it obviously means that it’s harder for us to be seen and compete.

Over the 9 years of trading we have learnt a lot, with no investment or grants we grew the business slowly and sustainably. Building audiences across the globe including celebrities such as Aisling Bee who was always backing our corner with her shoutouts on social.

We knew back in 2013 when we first launched, that we were taking a risk as there was no one else doing what we did in this arena. Yet, 9 years later here we are with ethics, plastic-free and sustainability being shouted out from the rooftops. We are extremely proud in some way, to have played a part in that change.

What we will say is please keep asking the questions, always hold businesses to account, ask about the manufacturing processes and don’t allow yourself to be brushed off with their green washing. Now more than ever it’s so important to keep pressuring big businesses as that is where change can be made.

Lastly, please never forget the small ethical brands. Because they have made the changes, but they are still competing with big fast fashion brands who just don’t care enough.

Michael & Raquel