Covid-19 Statement

In these unprecedented times we want to reach out to you, our customers, and let you know exactly what we are doing in relation to Covid-19.

  • Listed brands with live products are continuing to ship orders following government guidelines
  • Royal Mail and Courier services are still running
  • Small businesses need your support now more than ever

We don’t need to tell you what difficult times we are in and hopefully with all our efforts to isolate/socially isolate we will turn this situation around for the good of all.

As a small business in a big online world, we rely on our 300+ brands who sell with us. Of course we are in full support of them whether they choose to temporarily close their shops, or if they wish to continue selling during this period (following strict guidelines and ensuring they and their workers are not at risk).

It is just as important as small independent brands to keep going, they need your support in the best of times, so during the worst, where we can, we want to help them and we are grateful of your support.

As you may know, does not have an official HQ, we currently all work remotely from our homes and we will continue to do so for as long as possible. Most of our sellers who are continuing to ship orders are using couriers, Royal Mail collections or online postage. They understand the need to stay safe, not just for their businesses but also for their families.

We will continually track the situation along with government guidance and update where necessary.

Many thanks and please do stay safe.