Delta 3 Bike Chain Necklace Cycling Fashion Piece Bicycle Rider

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The seller confirms the jewellery components have been sourced from reputable suppliers and made fairly
The seller confirms this item has been handmade using only simple tools
The seller confirms the main components of this item have been recycled/re-purposed
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Katie's Bike Delta 3 Necklace handmade from a love of cycling and recycling

The very popular Delta 3 Necklace is a great example of Katie's Bike Chain Bling. This necklace is handmade from upcycled bike chains, collected, cleaned and revived by Katie's Bike team.

The dedicated designers at Katie's Bike collect used bicycle chains from independent workshops all over the UK. By revamping these chains they are able to save them from landfill and create something any cycling or recycling fan can be proud to wear.

The Delta 3 Necklace is made using hand polished links from a once loved bike chain. The links are overlapped and fixed using small jump rings to create the shapes. They have been strung together with a long thin silver trace chain, measuring 24inches (60cm) from end to end. This long necklace is excellent on it's own and for layering.

This necklace is definitely a winner and considering the work that's going into mining each link, it's a bargain.

We package these necklaces in custom presentation boxes to make it the perfect gift for you or your bike mad friends.