Handwoven Denim Shorts For Girls

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Created from thick, strong denim, these shorts are perfect for year round play. As with all our products, they are traceable so you can explore their life story. Ages 4-11.

We design our children's clothing to be loved and worn for a long time - with features such as button elastic and thick, soft fabrics, these culottes should last your child through plenty of activity and any growth spurts too!

The hand-woven pale denim has been block printed (by hand of course!) to achieve the lovely sparky pattern. You can choose from either Turquoise, Red or Green Sparks and from ages 4-11. They can be worn with woolly tights in the winter or without in the warmer weather. Great for climbing, cycling and turning cartwheels - and there's even pockets to store all those treasures they find.

Where Does It Come From? worked with co-operatives in Gujarat, India to bring these shorts to you. They have been ethically made using traditional processes that are kind to the environment. As with all our products you can find out your garment's story and get to know the people involved - simply key in the code on the garment label to unlock the story.
Size Guide
Available in ages 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11.
It is best to order your child's usual size as the button elastic can be used to tighten the waist if required.