I Eat My Cake In My Pants Badger Bone China Plate

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This Bone China plate features an original hand drawn illustrations of Maurice the badger eating cake in his pants.

A great gift for a baker or cake lover! The design is made using hand transferred permanent decals of the original illustration, these 8 inch side plates are dishwasher and microwave safe and are very hard wearing. The plates are fairly made from Bone China.

The plate measures 20.3cms x 20.3cms by 2.5cms.

This is Maurice, and he will eat his cake in nothing else. I'm sure there is a little bit of Maurice in all of us... there's no point denying it!

These Bone China side plates are designed using my original hand drawn illustrations. They are nothing like the boring designs found on most kitchen tables. This bright and fun piece of functional art is the perfect gift for any cake lover, especially those that don't mind being seen in their pants! Kids and adults love them alike and these plates make a great quirky gift idea or a fun design feature when decorating. If you love him too much to eat your cake off there is no shame putting him in pride of place on your wall or mantelpiece.

All the illustrations are hand drawn in my studio in East London, and I hope you'll share the love of Bear's in pants, Squirrels on bicycles and all my other lovable Jimbob Art creations.