Organic Cotton Tortoise Print Kid's Shirt

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This shirt has been created using handwoven, organic cotton and blockprinted by hand with a Tortoise design. It's traceable so you and your child can explore it's life story. Ages 4

These funky, green childrens’ shirts have been created using 100% organic cotton grown locally in Gujarat, India. Handspun, handwoven fabric is soft and naturally more breathable which means that this shirt will keep your child lovely and cool on warm days. They are (of course) ethically made and traceable so that you can explore their life story and ‘meet’ the people involved. The shirts are unisex and for ages 4-11 and a great all-year-rounder – simply put a long sleeved top underneath in cooler weather!

Where Does It Come From? works with co-operatives in Gujarat, India to produce these shirts. We document the whole process from cotton field to delivery so that you and your child can discover their new shirt's life story.

Our production is powered by hand and so is virtually carbon free - much better for the environment. Our method of dyeing in vats uses only one fifth of the water required in mill dyeing. We only use non-toxic dyes (azo free) to dye and print our fabrics.

The shirts are machine washable at 30 degrees.
Size Guide
These shirts are available in ages 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11.