Personalised Handmade Natural Christmas Tree Slice Decorations

fairly madeFAIRLY MADE
The seller confirms this item has been ethically produced ensuring fair working practices
The seller confirms this item primarily uses materials in compliance with organic agricultural standards
The seller confirms this item has been handmade using only simple tools
The seller confirms the primary components of this item have been created from sustainable resources
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Handmade and hand painted personalised wooden Christmas tree decorations.

These lovely little decorations are made by slicing locally felled and responsibly sourced tree branches. They are then dried out for a year before being hand painted with your choice of wording.

Each decoration measures at least 50mm in diameter but they do vary slightly due to the nature of production. They are hung with your choice of bakers twine, glitter ribbon or natural string for a lovely rustic look.

Your wording is painted on both sides so that it can be read as it turns on your Christmas tree. Or you can choose the option for a cheeky Father Christmas on the back.

My items are made with care and are a great gift idea for parents celebrating their babies first Christmas, a couple spending their first Christmas in their new home, a married couple or a dated decoration of each family member to name but a few ideas.