Play Hard Bike Chain Bracelet - Bicycle Accessories Cycling Gift

fairly made jewelleryFAIRLY MADE JEWELLERY
The seller confirms the jewellery components have been sourced from reputable suppliers and made fairly
The seller confirms this item has been handmade using only simple tools
The seller confirms the main components of this item have been recycled/re-purposed
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Bicycle chain bracelet for guys and girls, recycled from independent bike shops in Britain a quirky gift idea for a cyclist.

Katie's Bike Play Hard bike chain bracelet is a handmade labour of love. Each chain has been collected from a bike shop and resurrected to a new, wearable fashion item.

The crew at Katie's Bike collect, clean, polish and assemble each bracelet themselves. By revamping these chains we able to save them from landfill and create something totally bespoke. These are as cool as they look, and make a great gift for the special cycling someone.

This bracelet comes in 5 different sizes and connects with a small clasp at one end. Measure your wrist or the wrist of that special someone to determine the best size. Exchanges are possible to ensure you get the best fit.

All chains are different, but most are stainless steel, chrome or nickel plated to prevent rust. You can wear this bracelet in the shower but should avoid wearing in the sea as the salt water corrodes.