Recycled Paper 'stone' Handmade Decorative Oval Bowls

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Handmade Using Recycled Paper and Promoting Trade Rather Than Aid

These stylish looking oval bowls will make excellent centre pieces for tables and side boards, mantelpieces and window sills. Whether you display a pot plant, a bunch of flowers or tea lights, these oval bowls are incredibly useful as well as beautiful.

These oval bowls seem heavy, but are actually very light. They appear to be fragile, and yet they are very strong. They look like they are made from stone; however, they are hand made from recycled newspaper, water and soil before being baked in the African sun.

Depending on the mixture of these ingredients, the texture and the colour differs. Even the intensity of the sun influences this. The use of soil, charcoal and natural food colours gives the products their beautiful natural colours. These oval bowls can also be textured with an earthen mixture to give an interesting contrast to the smooth and shiny interior.

The oval bowls are made by hand meaning each one is a work of art, and there will be slight variations to sizes. The oval bowls are varnished three times to make them water resistant, and they can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The use of an inner vase (plastic or glass) is needed when use for fresh flowers or pot plants. Matching vases and high bowls also available. Oval bowls do not come with accessories.

This project is a creative collaboration between young Kenyans and a European visionary who trained employees in how to make the products.

The project promotes fair trade practises, recycling and social empowerment.

It has been so successful in training its employees that ownership was transferred to a Kenya woman, who now oversees all production, marketing and sales.