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Meet ethical fashion accessories brand Jewelled Buddha

26 September 2019

Meet Fruu, the fruit-based, organic & vegan sustainable cosmetics brand

10 September 2019

This week I spoke with Terrence from FRUU, FRUU is a fruit-based organic cosmetics company, FRUU are shaking up the way we view beauty basics like lip balm. Directly competing with the high street Fruu specialise in making affordable products using sustainable fruit-based ingredients. What's more, all their lip balms are vegan and cruelty-free certified by PETA.

City Spaces - London hideaways

10 September 2019

Meet eco-friendly illustrator Tasha from Dirty Work

9 September 2019

I love Dirty Work, from the tongue in cheek slogans to the beautifully intricate illustrations that go with them, Dirty Work are a great brand if you're wanting something just that little bit different. But what's even better, is that, at the heart of this brand are a strong set of ethics, so I caught up with founder Tasha, and had a chat about the brand, the environment and advice to anyone wanting to start out in business.