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These people are about to receive an amazing surprise for being kind - via

15 October 2020

The intergenerational solution for childcare, bringing seniors and children together

6 October 2020

The people of Seattle seem to know where it's at when it comes to bringing the generations together. Providence St Vincent provides an award-winning child care programme, the Intergenerational Learning Centre.

Billie Jean King monumental win for women's tennis and women as a whole - Tuesday Thoughts

22 September 2020

I never get tired of watching this Battle of the Sexes win, Billie Jean King an absolute inspiration and monumental figure for female athletes. #TuesdayThoughts

Pravin Nikam breaking the taboo around menstrual health in India

19 August 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Maya Angelou, Hero

15 July 2020

Katie's Krops, a social enterprise giving back to communities

17 June 2020

Katie's Krops is a social enterprise teaching kids how to grow fruit and veg, whilst also giving back to their communities.

This gelato parlour in Brazil employs mainly people who are deaf

17 June 2020

Baltimore School Replaces Detention with Meditation

6 April 2020

On World Book Day read about Muskaan Arihar, the 9 year-old-girl who built a free street library in India

11 March 2020

With today being World Book Day I wanted to share this beautiful story I came across via AJ+. Muskaan Arihar is a nine-year-old living in Bhopal, India. Recognising the lack of resources available to children like her, and determined to encourage her peers to learn, she opened a free street library.

Supporting 'Starlight Children's Foundation' This Black Friday

1 November 2019