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How Mumbai beach went from dump to hatching vulnerable turtle species

1 August 2020

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Today we have a little throwback to the "world’s largest beach cleanup project". Versova beach in Mumbai went through a drastic transformation thanks to Afroz Shah and a team of more than 1000 volunteers.

The cleanup began back in 2015, an incredible 5.3 million kg of rubbish and plastic trash was collected over a 21 month period.

The best part of all this was that back in 2018 The Guardian reported that "hatchlings from a vulnerable turtle species have been spotted for the first time in decades". (source)

Of course, I can't imagine that's the job done, sadly with our current rates of waste I imagine Shah's work is never really finished. However, looking at Afroz Shah's official Twitter page, I'd say there is a lot of determination to continue his work.

See more on Versova beach in the following video via EcoWatch

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