'touch Wood' Necklace

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Superstitious? This is hand-finished 'Touch Wood' Necklace is designed to help you stay lucky.

Are you a little superstitious? Need a bit of good luck? Well with this 'Touch Wood' necklace you can increase your good fortune and keep bad Karma away. Always available for a bit of touching whenever required.

Lazer-cut cherry wood, and strung on an dajustable length of neon thread. This playful piece is a conversation starter, and at 7cm wide it’s a statement piece catching the attention of all the lucky ones not wanting to tempt fate.

This necklace is a great fashion accessory for any festival or party, in fact it was originally designed for the Secret Garden Party in the UK. I would also make a great gift idea for any superstitious friend to save them running to the nearest tree or table anytime a bit of bad luck looms.

Made in Brighton, England, every piece is hand-finished before it's sent out to ensure that is finished to a high standard.

No matter what time of year it is there is always a party somewhere, so we hope that we can share in the fun with you and bring some good fortune to you and the rest of the party with this 'Touch Wood' necklace!