Wanderlust Travel Warm And Spicy Fragranced Candle

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Our Wanderlust travel candle has been designed to bring to mind travels to the far east.

The warm and spicy fragrance of the wanderlust candle is reminiscent of travels abroad, bringing to mind fragrances from China and Vietnam. Escapism in a candle.

It is a lovely gift, especially for someone who loves to travel. The natural oils used to make this candle have been expertly blended in the UK and the candle is made from ethically sourced plant products, meaning that it is a great gift for vegans and vegetarians.

In a plastic container with a metal screw top lid, this lovely candle easily portable for people who travel. The lid is also a great way of keeping fragrance in while you are not using it.

The candle arrives to your door in a box and wrapped in tissue-both recyclable (and all our tissue is made from 100% recycled products).

Approximately 24 hour burn time. 4inches by 7 inches.