Why join

The biggest reason you should join is that you will be selling on the UK’s largest ethically focused marketplace. We have strict T&C’s ensuring that all products are fairly made, so you will not be sitting alongside cheaply sourced sweatshop items. You can see our ethical standards here. At a minimum all products listed must adhere to either ‘Fairly Made’, or the ‘Fairly Made Jewellery’ standards.

This is why we are very very selective about the designers we work with and only want a limited number on the site at any one time. Unlike other sites where thousands of designers are struggling to be noticed, we never overload ourselves, ensuring we can give the attention that each of you deserve.

We are building a strong online brand and promoting your products through social media, PR and online advertising, all at no extra cost to you.

Selling is also very easy for you. We manage the administration, payment processing and customer service, opening up the global marketplace instantly. All you need to do is create and send your product.

If you are a designer and are interested in working with us and believe your product fits our image, please send some information about yourself and your work, along with some pictures to