Wonderland Twist Silver Bangles

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Wonderful,wonderland twist sterling silver handmade bangles.

Welcome 'down the rabbit hole' with these handmade twist Sterling silver bangles. Each bangle features three unique character charms, inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Choose from the trio of The Cheshire Cat, Key & Teapot or The White Rabbit, Alice & Playing Card.

The Bangles come in a handmade & decorated gift box with a wonderland theme, in a 100% cotton recycled gift bag containing a mini polishing cloth to keep your bangle bright and shiny.

The bangles are closed, pull on fit, and available in two sizes, 63 mm and 72 mm across.

They make a great gift for anyone that appreciates the 'nonsense' in life and has a curious and individual outlook. Most importantly, as each bangle is 100% handmade it ensures that they are a personal expression of the wearer.