"Sustainable natural sea sponges harvested in the Mediterranean for three generations."

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About our shop

We wanted to make a difference – no matter how small – to play our part in nurturing the planet and not destroying it.

We started Honeycomb Sea Co with the goal of finding sustainable and ethical products and a vision to share our products with other like-minded everyday heroes.

Sustainably harvested for three generations, our sea sponges offer your skin the best bath experience you can get!

From being paraben free, anti-allergenic, anti fungal and 100% biodegradable, this is the kindest way to both care for your skin and the environment.

Our goal of going zero waste has encouraged us to phase out our bio-degradable packaging to going 100% paper before the end of 2019, and our ethos is, People and Planet over provit. We believe that giving back leads to good. That is why a portion of sales goes to supporting small independent non-profits who share our vision of sustainable growth, with non-profits like Pula Sports Development Assocition and 7Searope based in Southern Africa.

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