"By Law strives to reduce wastage through design and repurposing to offer products to those who believes in integrity and values their own individuality through the choices they make."

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About our shop

By Law, designer and maker Janet Law believes in creating beautifully crafted and sustainably conscious products.

A lifestyle brand at the heart of it, to feed the creative soul.

Based in London, a city that offers boundless inspiration in arts, culture and hidden gems. A city that brings Janet a sense of wonderment that helps drive her ideas into original, covetable pieces for you to treasure in years to come.

Janet believes in quality over quantity, minimising waste and repurposing where possible. With a keen eye for detailing, attention is given to everything she creates from one-off bespoke pieces to hand-finishing touches.

Today, in a world of billions, Janet strives to offer a bit of individuality into your every day life.

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