Festival Gift Ideas

Blogger's wishlist: Festival Style, all fairly made and ethically sourced ensuring you have top quality items with sacrificing your ethics!
emma matthews festival gift guide

As a blogger, journalist and Fashion Editor for Hit The Floor Magazine, there’s nothing more I love than grabbing a cider or two and trekking across a muddy field at a summer festival. I’ve been to my fair share this season and in midst of the poor weather, haze of alcohol and tedious tie-ups between bands and artists, I can honestly say they’re heaps of fun and a great way to spend time with friends.

Because of my love for all things Glasto, I was given the task of putting together a selection of festival gifts that are ideal to give to your friends or loved ones. With the weather often being unpredictable, I’ve included a variety of vests, embellished bum bags, sunglasses and even jumpers. Oh and how can anyone forget the ultimate festival must-have: a brolly. Yes, when it comes to Reading and Leeds, there couldn’t be anything more chic than an umbrella, particularly one which changes colour when it gets wet. Here’s what made my list.

Tell us what you think of Emma's collection, is there anything you think she has missed?