Pineapple Bumbag (fanny Pack)

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This is a hand sewn glittery Pineapple Bumbag / Fanny Pack made to order in Brighton.

This Pineapple Bumbag (Fanny Pack) is an absolute festival and summer must have. Seen from Glastonbury to Coachella this Bumbug is spreading the tropical fruit love all around the world.

Available in one size only but it has an adjustable strap. It is the ideal size to keep all your festival essentials in and this Bumbag will keep your belongings close and safe no matter how big the party is.

Each on is hand made in Brighton, England and using only the best materials to that every one is perfect before sending it on it's merry way. This Pineapple Bumbag/Fanny pack would also make a great gift idea for any sun lover to complete that summer style. Great for using at the beach or any night out too, as it won't get lost and is far easier to carry than a purse or handbag. The perfect size to fit your phone and makeup in.

This Pineapple Bumbag is also available in other fruity flavours here.

No matter what time of year it is there is always a party somewhere, so we hope that we can share in the fun with you with this Bumbag!