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Guest Blog Post by Cruelty Free Beauty Brand Upcircle

22 October 2020

Vegan Meatballs for Meat Free Monday

19 October 2020

Whether you're in the middle of Veganuary or you just enjoy taking part in Meat Free Monday every week, these Vegan Meatballs by So Vegan look absolutely delicious, a great bit of comfort food for #BlueMonday.

These people are about to receive an amazing surprise for being kind - via

15 October 2020

Plastic Pollution - Turtles on Christmas Island battling plastic filled beach

13 October 2020

Meat Free Monday Inspiration: Squash Soup

7 October 2020

The intergenerational solution for childcare, bringing seniors and children together

6 October 2020

The people of Seattle seem to know where it's at when it comes to bringing the generations together. Providence St Vincent provides an award-winning child care programme, the Intergenerational Learning Centre.

Agriculture is thriving on this rooftop hospital farm

2 October 2020