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Social Spotlight: Mathew Willey, raising awareness on the decline of honeybees through art

17 June 2019

Meet Mathew Willey founder of The Good of the Hive, a project raising awareness on the decline of honeybees, through art.

Crucial to our eco-system, the honeybees play a vital role in nature. Painter and activist Mathew Willey has made it his mission to paint honeybees around the world, to raise awareness on the population decline. Willey has already painted approximately 1000 bees across the US but has given himself a target of 50,000 individeal bees. Why 50,000? Because that's how many bees you'd need for a healthy hive to thrive.

(source: The Good of the Hive)

You can find out more about Matthew here and for more information about his project click here.

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