Tiger Print Scarf - Peach

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This scarf has been created using handwoven cotton and blockprinted by hand with a Tiger design. As with all our products, this scarf is traceable so you can explore it's life story.

Our soft, beautiful scarves are completely handmade, from the hand spinning of the cotton to the block printing of the design. Khadi is a soft, fine cotton fabric made famous by Mahatma Ghandi, who encouraged rural Indian people to produce their own cotton as part of his quest for a free India. The process is virtually carbon free and all dyes used are azo free (non-toxic).

The scarves are approximately 2 metres long and 45 cm wide – some are slightly bigger. They are perfect as a summer stole or for wrapping round the neck for a warm and very decorative effect!

Where Does It Come From? works with co-operatives in Gujarat, India to produce these scarves and documents the whole process from cotton field to delivery so that you can discover your garment's life story.

The scarves are machine washable at 30 degrees.