"All Totem teas are hand packed in small batches using only organic, ethical & premium whole leaves. Our packaging is plastic free, recyclable and bio-degradable. Gorgeous inside and out!"

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About our shop

Totem Tea is a proud provider of tea hugs. Tea hugs can come in many forms; black, green, rooibos, loose, in pyramids, on the go, in front of the fire place, or shared with a friend. What transforms “just a cup of tea” to a tea hug is quality and care. This is why all Totem Teas come with 7 promises:

-Certified Organic
-Whole leaves ( which means 3 brews per bags!)
-Ethical Tea Partnership certified
-Eco Packaging (Zero plastic – all compostable plant-based material)
-Vegan Friendly
-No artificial flavouring
-Hand Prepared from fresh loose leaves in the Surrey Hills

Have a peak at our gorgeous rainbow of teas: exotic strawberry green tea, spiced vanilla black tea, cinnamon rooibos, soothing sweet chamomile.

All our teas come with our signature smiley eco packaging, give your cupboard a smile.

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Found 13 products
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