Wood Wick, Soy Wax Vegan Candle In Frosted Glass Container

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Aromatherapy essential oil and natural soy wax candle, wood wick, crackle candle, vegan friendly in a frosted glass container

A beautiful frosted glass container crackle candle in a range of gorgeous aromas.They are made with soy wax and pure essential oils and therefore vegan friendly. The wood wick when lit, gives a vibrant flame, a quiet crackle and the melt pool produces a subtle aroma. The glass is frosted which has been sandblasted by myself and makes the perfect tealight holder once your candle is fully burnt.

These candles are perfect to give as a gift, a 'thank you' present or to just pamper yourself and enjoy the aroma in your own home. I enjoy blending therapeutic essential oils to create hand poured aromatherapy candles. My container candles are made purely of soy wax as I do not use paraffin wax which can have health issues. I only add 100% pure unadulterated Essential Oils and not fragrances. The only colourants used come naturally from the essential oils themselves and the wicks are made of thin wooden strips.

All my scented candles comply with the new E.U labelling regs that came in on 1/6/15.

To get the best from your candle ensure the melt pool has reached the outer edge of the container before extinguishing. This will give an even burn and prevent the candle from tunneling. Woodwick candles are best lit with a lighter as they can take a little longer to light compared to a cotton wick candle.
Candle burn time is approximately 35 hours.

Please make your choice below between

Geranium and Lemongrass
Basil and Lemon
Lavender and Orange
Peppermint and Lime
Cinnamon and Orange